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The beginning


The Beginning!! I was so intimitating. LOL The sheet of paper to the left was my preliminary black and whit copy of my template to make sure it would cut right and fit. The yellow ones are after I printed them in color on yellow paper and cut them out. This also shows the initially packages chapsticks.




Close up before application!


Half way finished


This shows my progress! (Left to Right) Chapsticks as purchased, my first attempt to wrap them (with the original label still attached - that didn't go over so well), a few after I ripped the original label off, the finished product. The glue stuck much better to the plasic tube than the slippery plastic wrap.




Ta Daaaaa! Final Product!! Besos means kisses in Spanish!


The Final Product


My FI liked them so much that he took half my stash to his job and gave them out to his co-workers. I was so mad he jacked me but I am also happy he liked them! Catch 22 love.gif

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Thanks everyone!! I got the template from off here. Just printed them out on my color printer, cut then out, removed the plastic from the chapstick, used a glue stick to apply and secure with one piece of invisle scotch tape.

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