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Originally Posted by MrsTrussell2B View Post
here is my fan the white spots you see are where i blurred the names (im so paranoid now after watching Untraceable) :-) Click the image to open in full size.
Where did you find your fans? I've only been able to find the mini fans?

Thank you in advance!

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Originally Posted by Christine View Post
I did program fans but they were booklet style
Click the image to open in full size.
I included the names of our wedding party, flower girls, ring bearers, officiant, parents names. I also include the order of the ceremony (including songs)-this took 4 pages because I made the font kinda large and the pages were smallish ovals.
Then the front page had our names and welcome to the wedding of...
the last page said thank you for coming and a repeat invite to join us at the reception (since they had to go elsewhere).
I am working on my program now...I originally was not going to do them as I have no attendants, I think most people know the order of a typical wedding and we are not doing anything special (no unity candles, etc), its only 50-55 people who mainly know each other. But then I considered that I could do some affordable ones for about $100 or so and in the grand scheme of my budget that is like spare change lol so what the heck. I think it would be a nice place to acknowledge my grandpas recent funeral last month, to have a special thanks section for my cousin who is a wedding planner and is being my day of coordinator (as I didnt hire one) and for 3 of my girlfriends who are throwing my bridal shower and have been an ear of advice and support throughout. I think it is worth it for those acknowledgements. I'll also list our parents and my grandma and brother and a brief order of ceremony. THANKS for the reminder about the reception! I have all this info on my wedding website but forget that many folks do not have email so this will be helpful to have here. My reception is a short walk away on a yacht they will be able to see from the Chapel so I'm not as concerned about that (and probably not a good idea to mention it as some who may be attending the wedding as friends of folks who just wanted to join on vacation but were not guests of my guests or invited may take the mention of the reception on the program as an invite to come to the reception!) but I definitely want to make mention of the after party we are having in a VIP section at a club in Vegas. Many may not be aware and it is open to everyone no limit on budget as it is a fixed cost. Good idea...off to add this now...

Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek View Post
So i have both sets of my grandparents are alive but only one of them are going to the wedding. both sets of fi's grandparents have passed away. He doesn't want to put in memory of anyone on the fan. So my question is should i:
1. not list any grandparents on the program
2. list just the set that is going
3. list both of my sets and not include his at all
4. list his grandparents and just not show him the program till i have them done. Yes i'm sneaky!!!
His grandparents can't make the trip so I have a section titled Special Guests Who Could not Attend and am listing their names (probably for the best as I was worried about the religious wording of the ceremony as his grandma is deeply Jehovahs Witness and I wasn't sure what is OK and what is not..now I don't have to worry).

here is my memorial for my grandpa who just passed...

In Memoriam

I know you are smiling down on us today Granddaddy. We are so glad that you got to meet FIANCE NAME before your homecoming. You and grandma shared 57 wonderful years together and we hope to be blessed with as many years of love and dedication that you had for one another.
Fred L. LAST NAME January 8, 1925 – June 30, 2008

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