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Bought and picked up my Dress already! Thanks David's Bridal!!

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After going to numerous stores and trying on what was prolly too many dresses. I went to David's Bridal with my future mr. and one of my sisters.  I had a particular dress in mind that I DEFINITELY had to try on and brought a picture and style number with me along with my runner ups.  My numba one dress is below:


wedding dress.JPG


I was given dresses to try on but noticed that my numba one was not one of them and I was distressed. I asked the woman helping me about it and she informed me that she had in fact given me the dress.  My sister could see it in my face that I was stressed and upset and asked me what the matter was while changing out of yet another dress.  After I told her about my numba one being missing she asked the salesperson about it.  She was "confused" but when I showed her the picture again, she said , "oh yeah, we don't have that dress in here yet."  I asked why didn't she tell me in the first place and I received no answer.  The store manager came over and said the same thing to me and I replied that I wanted to know if they knew when they were getting it or if there was another store who had it.  I was met with one i don't know followed up by another one. I later learned that the sales person kept asking my future mr. about what I was looking for in a dress, etc instead of asking me! WTH?! Boo!!


I left with nothing.  I received a call from David's Bridal about a week later telling me that got my numba one in and if i wanted to try it on.  Of course I did!! i made another appointment for that saturday morning and brought just my future mr. with me.


I picked out 2 additional dresses besides my numba one (which I was so glad to see they really did have this time!!) I got a different sales lady who actually spoke to me instead of the people around me as well!!  things were looking up!! =D


I tried on my numba one first and I was instantly happier with the way the dress looked on me.  I reluctantly tried on the other two but they paled in comparison.  I bought my numba one that day!! here is a pic of me in it.




I went and picked it up yesterday already!! Thank goodness I was recently away on vacation and gained some weight and can't fit in the dress or I would have put it on and never taken it off, lol!!


That's my story of how I found my dress.  I didn't have that "moment" that most brides have where they knew they had "the one".  I just had a moment when I knew my numba one pick was the one for me!!

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Congrats! It's beautiful! It looks a lot like mine and I love the way the ruffles twirl and how light and airy it looks when you move around :)  Like you, I also had to go back to the store twice because mine was a brand new style too that they didn't have in yet the first time I shopped!

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