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Unique Bouquet Jewels Ideas

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I am definitely using a starfish jewel in my bouquet, but was looking at pics form some random photographer websites, and it got me thinking.


What about around the ribbon on the bouquet stems, to do something personalized and different.


I think I will have dog tags made with our names and wedding date and wrap it around the bouquet ribbon, as a little "military" touch.


I thought the dog tags could also be cute for all of you ladies who consider your canine pooches to be a big part of your family! Have dog tags made with their names and include them in your bouquet ribbon, since they couldn't make your DW.


Anything that adds a personal touch.


Raeyden's Mama (sure I spelled it wrong ... trying to go from memory) could get a cool skull & crossbones for the bouqet, etc.

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Tami thats a real cute idea, and we know there are a few ladies that have probably looked into actually flying there pooches into Mexico or wherever they are having there wedding just so they could be a part of it lol. This might be an easier way to include the pups in the ceremony somehow.

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