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Mrs. LowUFO

CSA Catamaran Cruise

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I am hoping past brides or guests of Couples Swept Away can lend some advice here...


I am getting married there next May and we were thinking of going on the catamaran cruise that is provided by the resort for us and our guests after the ceremony.


Has anyone been on the cruise and know how many people the boat holds?

How easy is to book ahead of time and would I be able to do it for everyone all at once?


I have been given a quote by an outside company for the same service at $52USD per person. Although this will be a firm booking if I can avoid this additional cost and use the one through the hotel I'd be really happy =)


Any info?


Thanks ladies!

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The website for the company that does the cruises from Swept Away is




They have large catamarans that can hold up to 100 guests and do cruises from the hotel several times a week. You book at the tour desk in the main lobby, but send them an email and I am sure tha they will be able to assist you if you have a large group going.

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