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Opinions Please - Double Envelopes for Invites??

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Hi ladies,


Although I've seen such adorable boarding pass invitations, I have opted not to go that route.  I am also skipping the whole Save the Date and going straight to the invites.  Has anyone else done this?  In my mind, people should book earlier rather than later, so why not go ahead and send the official invitation?  Right... Wrong???


I am very non-traditional, but at the same time, I want everything to be classy as well (definitely not cheap).  So, I would like opinions on the above mentioned as well as the double envelope scenario - here: My mom thinks that we should have double envelopes.  Is this necessary? 


Just thought I'd ask to see what everyone thinks....


Thanks for your help!!

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There are tons of brides on here that have skipped the save-the-dates and went straight to the invites. I don't see anything wrong with it.  We send out save-the-dates 1 year before our wedding (October 2009) because we knew we wanted to get married in T&C but we didn't have the actual resort booked until (December) so the STD was very general and just said Turks & Caicos. As for the double envelope issue, its entirely up to you. My mom thought we should have used double envelopes so that the pretty envelope with the Calligraphy and letterpress didn't get ruined with stamps and just the wear and tear of mailing things but I couldn't be bothered. I wanted the outside to be letterpressed and fancy with Calligraphy so that even as it went through the mailing process everyone could tell there was something special inside. And wouldn't you know it one of my friends told her the post man said to her as he was delivering her mail..."Looks like you got invited to a real fancy wedding or party there". Its up to you, some people do it and some don't, it just depends on how you feel about it.

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