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Key West hair and makeup

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I was married in Key West this year & would strongly NOT RECOMMEND CASA SALON.  I made an appointment with Elena for hair & air brush make-up a month in advance.  I followed up the week before I left for Key West & followed up again the day before the wedding.  


When I showed up on my Wedding Day to Elena's "salon", I was shipped off down the hall of her office building (the salon is a space rented in an office building) to another random lady running her own business.  The hairdo turned out fine, but instead of air brush make-up she applied cheap Cover Girl make-up with used make-up sponges & subway napkins in lieu of Kleenex.  I'm serious.  I had booked my appointment based on the time frame Elena had given me, but it took twice as long with this lady and I completely missed getting ready with my mom & friends before hand and was late for my own wedding.  It was completely stressful and there was no reason for it.  Elena had plenty of opportunity to discuss this change with me.  I could have made my appointment for an earlier time, made a make-up appointment elsewhere, or whatever.  Instead she just completely gave me the shaft.  Otherwise everthing else in Key West was superb.

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