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Feedback needed on resorts- I'm drained!

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I’m trying to find a resort that allows kids, is handicap accessible and has a GREAT beach. Most of the resorts posted I’ve looked into look nice, but the beach is horrible. I want the best of both worlds. cheesy.gif 



I have it narrowed down to the following resort. I like them all for different reasons. I'd really like to avoid a long bus ride. (The first two have a long bus ride)



Grand Palladium Riviera Colonial- I'm not sure if it's handicap accessible

Dreams Tululm- is SOOOO far away and I've read mixed reviews about the beach. Is it nice?!

Dreams Riviera Cancun- reviews on the beach say it's not that great, is it or not?!

RIU Palace Riviera Maya- has a great beach but missing an infinity pool


If you have done a site visit or gotten married at any of these locations please, please, PLEASE give me feedback.  Or if you have a better suggestion please let me know. I open to any advise.

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Def check out Dreams Riv Cancun - its a great resort for what you are looking for. You might to also want to look into Cieba del Mar which is a smaller resort and perhaps NOW Sapphire or NOW Jade.

I went to a wedding at NOW Sapphire when it was being changed over from the Paradisus and it was a good experience.

Good luck!

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