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Need your help PPC brides and brides to be - GOLF at the Paradisus Punta Cana?

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Hey ladies, I am going absolutely bonkers! I can't seem to get a definitive answer regarding whether golf is included or not with the PPC.


I have gone through various trip catalogues and called various tour operators and most indicate that golf green fees is actually included at the Cocotal resort nearby. The only stipulation is you have to rent a cart each time. Some indicate it is included for all room types, some say only for Reserve and Royal Service. Some say unlimited golf, some say one round per stay. However, general consensus was that golf is included in some way or another.


I just received an e-mail from my travel agent that as of January 2011 PPC says golf is not included at all. !@#$!! One of the main reasons we chose the PPC was because of golf inclusive.


So two questions 1) those who have been to PPC, was golf included and if so, are you aware of what stipulations there was on it? 2) those who are going in 2011, are you aware of whether or not golf is incl for your package?



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I'm not sure if you got your answers yet? I am getting married in Oct at PPC. According to my travel agent, golf inclusions depends on the tour operator you book with. Either way A round of golf is apparently very reasonable. You should check with your tour operator though

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