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Key West wedding any Suggestion for WC, Restaurant and Hotel ???? HELP:/

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I guess it is true that you get what you pay for. My husband and I chose Weddings to Go for a simple, stress free wedding in Key West. I read mixed reviews about W2G, more bad than good, but figured it was just the two of us, the price was reasonable, and with the photography being the most important part, they seemed to offer a good deal.

We paid $490 for the "original" package because we were told we would get more photos that way...I tried to ask about downgrading to the Islander package but was told if I wanted pics at the hotel and the beach, I needed the more expensive package. Well, we got about 3 pics at the hotel that came out even "OK" and instead of getting more time as we hoped and were promised, we were rushed through everything due to a possible storm (it never even rained). Our wedding was supposed to be at Sunset, the whole point of the beach in Key West, and it was pushed to earlier, and every single photo is dingy and gray. No special shots were taken except a few where I requested we stand on some rocks, everything was very generic, and I can't even find 10 photos out of the bunch they selected that were "good" to send to family and friends...the ones who have seen them thought that we had an amateur friend just take snapshot photos of us. I knew for this price we weren't getting amazing photography, but I at least expected better than what my technologically challenged grandmother could have taken with my cell phone camera.

Then...in addition to being rushed, I asked a question about the marriage license. We were planning to file the license ourselves so we could get the paperwork done quicker (and save W2G the hassle, and postage along with our wedding photos that they dropped off at the hotel, which was nice of them to remember). I was told we needed 2 witnesses. There is a space on the license for 2 witnesses. I asked the photographer who would be the other witness since his wife was the officiant. He told me only one was required. Well, we pick up the license at the hotel front counter and there were no witnesses. I called the county I live in, they told me I needed 2 witnesses. I contacted W2G a few times and was just told I was wrong and none were needed by law. I really didn't want to drive 400+ miles home and find out they were wrong...what would be so hard for them to sign the damn certificate? Then I received an email back from them saying they talked to someone named Kim at the county I live in who told them we didn't need witnesses. I called for Kim at the department they mentioned and was told they don't even have a Kim working there.

We filed our license finally...with a bit of hassle but finally got someone to approve it. So much for stress free. At least we have a friend who owns a photography business that agrees the pics are so unprofessional looking that she will reinact our wedding for us and take photos. Not what we hoped and dreamed of...we basically paid $500 for a notary stamp, a cheap bottle of champagne, and some cheesy logo glasses. Do yourselves a favor and if you don't have more money to spend, just get some friends or even some homeless guys to photograph your key west wedding. So disappointed. 

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