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Stephanie 525 party pics.

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Hi ladies/Gents

We had our party on Saturday, thanks for all the well wishes! We survived the heat ( 90+) and had a great time. It really was nice to get to see all the family. I posted in this section as it is pretty much pictures!!


I made up a tree that I sprayed with glitter and we had the guests name tags on there. You will see some people signing the guest book that I made, I got a little misty eyed reading what they wrote.

This was a great experience as it reminded me that in the long run little details don't matter like spending extra time on a craft project as it no one really seems to notice those things.


Stop on over if you want some cake--TONS left over and that isn't much help when I am trying to NOT gain weight...


Crossing fingers that this worksClick the image to open in full size.


click the picture to see the show!~'@

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