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Riu Palace vs. Gran Bahia Principe?? Suggestions Please! :)

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Hi everybody!


My fiance and I recently got engaged and are planning a wedding for November 2011.  We've done a bit of research and have narrowed down our top resort picks to either:

a) Riu Palace Mexico

B) Riu Palace Riviera Maya

c) Gran Bahia Principe Tulum, or

d) Gran Bahia Principe Akumal


Sooo, basically Riu Palace vs. Gran Bahia Principle.


Are there any brides out there with experience at any of the above locations, and if so, are there any suggestions you can provide??  Your help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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Welcome, and congratulations.... Im a Riu Palace Riviera Maya bride-to-be, May 2011...

So with my biased opinion i say go with RPRM :-)


Why dont you do a list of pro/cons with each resort, etc and try to narrow it down that way.... That was the hardest part for us, choosing the resort, after about 15 months of short listing, we finally found a resort we BOTH loved..... :-) Where as before FI liked bits and i liked bits but never loved the same bits, if that makes sense, we even changed country a few times, Staring with Mexico, then Aruba, then Jamaica then back to good old Mexico... I think we both new in our hearts we wanted Mexico but were so frustrated at looking for the perfect place we decided to change country!!!! Then one day we had Jamaica and were nearly ready to book and we both were like "i dont think i wana marry in Jamaica... lets go to Mexico..." Haha :-) So back to the drawing board in Mexico, and along came the RPRM and WHAM!!!! we just knew it was the place x

Sorry im not much help at all..... but yes maybe a list from each resort to see what stands out, whats important etc


Good Luck, once again, sorry i havent been much help xox


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