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My DIY Message in a bottle invites are finally done!

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So I tried posting this before but I must not have read the posting instructions correctly because I ended up adding an album....what?!?!  LOL


I'm so excited about how they turned out, however I really should have thought through the real starfish on the bottle...they're cute, but I think a lot of them ended up getting smashed in the mail...UGH!!


Here's some detail on what I used and where I bought the materials, hopefully this will help anyone looking for ideas:


Label:  Aqua cardstock from Michael's and white mailing labels from Office Max; I bought the starfish from a vendor on E-bay, they were super cheap, I think I ended up getting 250 for 8 bucks!

Bottle:  SandArtSupplies.com - they had the best prices, I think I ended up only paying $1.13 per bottle (plus shipping, of course), however that did include the box for mailing.

Sand and Sea Shells:  I originally bought a bag of shells from Michael's but I went to the Dollar Tree and found that they had the same shells in a slightly smaller bag AND the sand!  I only used about 4 or 5 bags of shells and 1 1/2 containers of sand for 125 invites.

Ribbon:  Michael's - 3 spools for $1, you can't go wrong!





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LOVE them!!! The more I see these the more I'm thinking of doing these for our wedding... How long did it take you? How many did you have to make? And how bad was the shipping?? (Sorry for the rapid fire, I just like to get as much info as possible.) They came out amazing!

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They look amazing and I would love to do something like this - but its just not practical as I would have to post most of them and cant afford to courier them.


Your guests will love them xx

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