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"Come Fly With Me" 10.10.10 Vintage Boarding Pass Invites with a new TWIST with PICS!!!

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Hey Everyone! So I finally got a chance to have down time from planning and share with you my invitations. So my fiance and I (or ME, I should say) are still deciding on our theme, Vintage, Airplane, so we combined it and we are doing a "Come Fly With Me..." Theme!


For our Save the Dates, we did a Magnet from Magnetstreet.com, we ended up doing a photo of the fiance and I while on a trip in Puerto Vallarta on the beach with a Mexican TRIO serenading us, the info on the magnet was on an airplance boarding pass: Here it is!


Wedding Invitations 001.jpg


The Barcode to the left states: 10-10-2010


So for our Wedding Invitations, we wanted to keep the same boarding pass theme but we didn't want to do the typical boarding passes that I've been seeing everywhere. we wanted a Vintage feel and yet still elegant that it still resembles a Wedding Invitation!---After much research and contemplating on doing it ourselves or getting someone to do our invitations, I found this invite and we were SOLD! It has a VINTAGE feel, still looks like boarding passess, very ELEGANT, and it has an OLD WORLD MAP all throughout it, I have not seen anything like it yet so we LOVED IT! We then incorporated the "Come Fly with Me... To Mexico..." theme!


Front of Invite, FOLDED UP:


Wedding Invitations 020.jpg


Then here it is, you have to pull out the airplane:Wedding Invitations 022.jpg



Wedding Invitations 016.jpg


With our Clear Vellum Wedding Party Entourage:

Wedding Invitations 018.jpg


For the RSVP card, its the one in the middle, it comes out and guests mail it back, it has like a postcard style to it.

Wedding Invitations 027.jpg

I incorporated Spanish words into the Invites to make it Fun and personable!!! Not sure if you guys can see it but: It says Por Favor at the top. Then for our Welcome Fiesta I have guests replying with Si or No! Then for the actual wedding they reply with I DO or I DON'T ;) 


HOPE you guys like it!

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