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Proofs of my Passport Invites!!! (LOTS of Pics)

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Jenngene2011 these look amazing!  I feel like such a slacker since we share the same wedding date and all I have done so far are my STDs sad.gif


Just curious, but when do you plan to send them out?

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Thank you all for the great comments. 


Raazzy5711: You are not a slacker at all. 


MSREDD3129:  Yes that is why I picked these.  I love how they all flow together and they will be organized in a holder which i forgot to add the pic.  But once they are done i will post the final product.


I am planning on sending mine out in September as most of the people we are inviting either teachers, live in other countries, or travel for business.  They need us to send them invites way ahead of time instead of 3 to 4 months before. 

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