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HELP!! ISO Travel Agent, specializing in JA

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HELP!! Can any of the JA brides recommend a GOOD travel agent who assist me?


I'm currently scheduled to get married in Negril, but our guest list just exploded (from an expected 40 to an expected 79) and our resort can't accomodate everyone. I've managed to locate additional accomodations, but I'm sensing that this might turn into a headache and I won't be able to enjoy myself trying to ensure everyone's comfort and fun. My solution? An affordable all inclusive that allows children. I have my eyes set on Gran Bahia - beautiful, and not far from Ocho Rios, where I think a large group can access more things to do (i.e. tours, dunns river, etc).


All that to say, please point me in the direction of a GOOD (and pleasant) travel agent who can help me sort some things out!


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I hear all the TA's on here (Wright Travel, I think) are great.  Visit the Travel forum and there is more detail.  I def recommend an agent for that group size.  It will save you a lot of stress. 

An experienced agent should be able to hear our criteria and offer suggestions.  I already had my resort picked out when I landed my agent, but in my first convo with her when I told her my criteria and how I made my decision, she interrupted and guessed the exact resort I chose.  I was sold based on our first convo and happy to have her to work with my guests!  Good luck!

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