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10-10-10 invites are finally out!! From design to letterpress to mail - this is pic heavy!

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These invitations are beautiful!!! WOW, can't believe you made these!! I noticed you wrote "Sumali sa amin" that's TAGALOG!! I'm filipino! Are you also? Did you just send these invites out??? I saw your RSVP date is by Aug.10. I did the same thing, I sent my invites out 2 weeks ago and my RSVP date is Aug 7th!!! COngrats!!! I'll post mine too when I scan them!

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Haha.. thank you - i cheated a little and bought a flash template on activeden.com  and customized it for our info.  i'm not too afraid of html/xml so it was painless.  my only wish is that there was a guestbook feature!

Originally Posted by Raazzy5711 View Post

Eunice I love, love, love your website!  Please tell me you didn't make it yourself because I want to steal it!  :) JK, but not really...

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