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Mexicana airlines...driving me crazy...read this if you are flying with them!

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Last night I got a call from my mom saying that her friend recieved an email stating that her direct flight to PVR was canceled and she now had to fly through mexico city with a 2 hour layover.  There are 16 of us (including FI and I) on this flight.  No one else recieved this email!!! We specifically chose this flight because it was direct.  So this morning I called and they "made an exceptionaand put us on an american airlines flight that is direct from chicago for free.  I called everyone on that flight and told them to call the airlines and switch.  they gave some problems but everyone was able to except my moms friend and her husband!  They said changing flights is not allowed and they wanted everyones reservation numbers who had!  How crazy!  Well she kept calling and finally talked to someone that would do it.  So after a full day of making phone calls (half in spanish) we got everyone on the direct flight.  EVERYONE THAT IS BOOKED WITH MEXICANA...CALL NOW TO SEE IF YOUR FLIGHTS HAVE CHANGED OR BEEN CANCELLED.  Other girls from different cities are having the same problem.  Ok...now I feel better.

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