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Moon Palace/Sun Palace Wedding

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Hi Ladies, they've changed the site a bunch so I just thought this would be the easiest way to share my wedding info/advice for you.


We were married on Feb. 20, 2010 at the Sun Palace. We had 70 guests so we decided to stay at the Moon Palace and bus everyone over to the Sun Palace the day of the wedding.


Overall, I was really happy with the way everything turned out! The weddings department at the Moon Palace was TERRIBLE and RUDE. I don't know if it was because my actually wedding was at the Sun Palace, but I had 70 guests staying at their hotel! So the beginning of the week was a bit rough. I had sombreros stuffed with hand santizer, gum, snacks, thank you card, itinerary, etc. delivered to each guests room ($3 delivery charge per room) WORTH IT.


We were there a week before the wedding so it was nice because I got all the meetings and what not done in the beginning of the week so I could hang out and enjoy everyone. Word of Advice: Be SUPER organized: bring a copy of all your confirmations (hair, golf, flower order, etc) because they "lost" or hair appts, claimed I didn't order a specific buffet, etc. I had all the docs to prove them wrong. Also, make sure and have any favors, guest book, wedding music etc labled with instructions because if you don't they will screw it up...my wedding planner was sweet as can be, but she lost my "walking down the aisle" music 10 min before the ceremony, forgot to put my guest book out...frustration luckily my MOH was amazing and fixed everything so I could relax.


Reception: I went through a separate vendor and basically sent them pics of what I wanted....after numerous emails they finally got it and it (in my opinion :)) turned out gorgeous.  Food at the Sun Palace was awesome.


Feel free to ask me anymore questions! Have fun planning!


PS....my wedding coordinator finally contacted me 1 month before the wedding and I did all the planning that month. I know some of you are having trouble communicating with them.


wedding 003.jpgwedding 007.jpgwedding 033.jpgwedding 041.jpgwedding 109.jpgwedding 108.jpgwedding 125.jpgwedding 124.jpgwedding 087.jpg

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