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Hello Everyone :)



If you're looking for a different place to get married in Mexico, I highly recommend Huatulco. I love it there SO much, I actually lived there for a year back in 2004 and I really didn't want to leave.


Huatulco is located in Oaxaca State, so it's the 2nd most Southern state in Mexico. I find that this area of Mexico is very authentic. It's a great way to really experience Mexican culture in a beautiful setting, off the beaten track.


It's on the Pacific side of Mexico, and unlike some of the other beach areas further North, the beaches are a  lighter coloured brown , and the water is much lighter blue. I used to run on the beach right outside the resort I worked at, and it took me over 20 minutes in each direction. It really is an ideal place to have a Destination Wedding.


I'm very partial to Dream's resorts, and the resort that I used to work at has actually turned into a Dream's property, the Dream's Huatulco! This is by FAR where I recommend that you have your Destination Wedding. The resort is located in Tangolunda Bay, beachfront with many locations for your ceremony and reception.  The sunsets here are breathtaking!!


There's quite a few restaurants, one of the most popular being the Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. I also really like some of the unique touches, such as the Tropical View with Jacuzzi rooms. The Jacuzzi is right on the balcony!


There's a few little villages close by, great for day trips and to see 'the real Mexico'.


Please see this website for more information on the property:




If you have any other questions about this property, feel free to ask me. It's really one of the best places in Mexico to get married!!


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Thank you for this review! I have booked by wedding for Dremas Huatulco in March 2011!!!! We have 50 people booked thus far, so excited! Can you suggest any good group trips that i could plan?  You said you were a runner too, as am I.  Is it safe to go out and run around the resort.

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Yay!! So excited you're going there. You're going to LOVE it so much, one of my favourite places in the world.


I literally used to run down the beach every morning, but if you wanted to you could really be a trooper and run into town and back. It's quite the climb up a pretty steep hill but would definetly be great for training..depending on what kind you're doing.


Does anyone in your group surf? There's lots of good surf in the area! Puerto Escondido is a very fun place to visit even if you're not going to surf. You can catch a bus (and it's a really fun bus ride) from La Crucicita, which is the local town 5 minutes from the resort there. You can also catch cabs depending on how many are going...


I also really like the jungle ATV tour that they do, as long as you don't mind getting a LITTLE muddy.


There's really a lot to do in the area. Fishing tours, boat tours, hiking tours. Let me know what you think your group will be interested in and I can recommend something :)

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Perfect thank you Becky!  There is 50 of us going for the first week, I was thinking about organizing a boat tour to see the bays and maybe d some snorkeling or something like that, I feel like it has a little something that everyone would enjoy.


So it would be totally safe to run into town and back? That makes me VERY happy!  I will be training for a full marathon at the time that I am away so i good steep hill will be good for me! LOL


I have never surfed but would love to learn, do they have lessons or something like that?  I was thinking maybe my fiance and a few of the other people that are staying for the second week could do something like that.


I am so excited I found you on here I feel like you are a great wealth of knowledge for me!  Hope you don't mind!


So La Crucucita is the closest town?  Good shopping and places to eat etc... The girls want to plan a Bachelorette kinda thing for me one night is there a place there that would be good to go?



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Hi Quinn :)


Your tour operator should have a desk at the resort, OR you can call the Public Relations desk and they can help you to arrange group tours. Both the bay tour, and snorkelling could be done as a group very easily. Also, just as a side note, there's pretty great snorkelling right outside the resort off the main beach :)


Another secret is that there's the greatest spot to see these really cool Iguana's. They're more like the size of a Golden Retriever, and they're all sorts of colours (green, purple, yellow). Don't worry, they're herbavores :) If you walk down the beach, close to the end you'll find the Quinta Real resort on your left hand side, and there's a little jungle section. This is where you'll find them, they're SO cool.


Huatulco is super safe, and if you're training for a marathon then this is perfect!! You can run into town and back, would probablly be about a half marathon..maybe a bit longer :)


I'm also sure you can get surfing lessons. I would google 'surfing lessons puerto escondido' and see if anything comes up.


If you have a bachlorette night, definintely go to 'La Papaya'. Sooo much fun, and I'm sure they'd set up something special for you. La Crucicita is the closest town, and definitely where you want to be :)

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