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Excursions review in Riviera Maya: Xel-ha Manatee encounter

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XEL-HA 10/10

XelHa | Natural Wonder

8th April 2010


We totally loved it here. Its much smaller and easier to get around than Xcaret with the emphasis on water based activities. We recommend it to anyone and definately hope to return one day.


We bought the all inclusive entrance and had a tasty buffet breakfast on our arrival which would have cost $17 each seperately. Lunch was at a smaller fast food style bar but there are more than enough places to choose from. All drinks are also included which really helps to budget for the day.


We did the lazy river which was lovely and gives you a real idea of the space and layout of the resort. We got on a double inner tube and found it quite tricky to navigate and co-ordinate our movements. If I go again I'll do a single ring.


There are lots of areas for snorkelling and due to the open area of the lagoon you can find lots of quiet places away from the crowds, both in and out of the water. There is an abundance of fish to see at close range and whilst we were there we heard someone shout that they saw a stingray!


There are lots of secluded seating coves around the park which are nice places to stop for a break from all the snorkelling.


We did so many activities at Xcaret that here we wanted maximum time just to enjoy the lagoon at our own pace and appreciate the beautiful environment for what it is.

We did however do The Manatee interaction which I have wanted to do forever and it was truly the most serene and magical experience EVER!


Manatee encounter 10/10

I cannot recommend this highly enough to everyone. I know a lot of people dont find Manatees appealing but there really is something so charming and beautiful about them. They are so curious and gentle with you in the water. Its totally different from a dolphin swim, no tricks, just priveliged access to these stunning, inquisitive creatures. I found the experience moving and highly therapeutic.


The experience includes feeding, stroking and a short Q&A session with the handlers whilst standing on a submerged platform followed by snorkelling with them in their enclosure.








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