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Once the mariachi had finished we started dancing for real. We had spent a long time putting together a wedding Ipod playlist which is without doubt one of my favourite memories from the wedding. We requested each of our guests pick 3 songs to be added to the list so we got a real mixture of something for everybody. We have listened to it several times since we got back and it makes us so happy that we have it to keep and will always associate some of our favourite songs with dancing in the sand on the happiest day of our life.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. Our reception would not have been all that it was without this.

Our docking station which sounds mega loud in our kitchen was surprisingly to us, not quite loud enough on a beach with 15 Brits singing along. It didnâ€t seem to spoil the atmosphere any but we would have liked to be able to crank it up a notch!

Anyone who is as yet undecided on this verses a DJ I would say buy the best docking station you can afford and test it in similar conditions or use your money to rent the speakers rather than pay for a DJ.

We ran on way past 11pm, the waiters had actually stripped the tables and packed away the set up in a bid to move us on while we were still dancing, it was hilarious.

beach party :: THE WILDEST BEACH RECEPTION DREAMS HAS EVER SEEN slideshow by northernflasher - Photobucket


We left most our photo props behind and asked Natalia to keep them for us. They were delivered to our room a few days later.

We then took over the disco which made for some of the most psychedelic wedding pictures Iâ€ve ever seen. The only issue here is that this is the only place to go once they shut your reception down so if there is another wedding on the same day you will have to share. We were having such a great time that this was not an issue for me but when we arrived at the disco another bride and groom were already there. I jumped straight up on the dance floor, gave her a wave and a smile and within 5mins they had left. I felt really bad about this the day after and as much as I hope their leaving was just a coincidence I actually think she didnâ€t want to see another bride on her wedding day. My advice on this one is join forces and make it one big party, if you see another bride at the disco give her a hug, form a conga line, get the waiters to bring you shots and party on!

Disco Inferno :: DISCO INFERNO slideshow by northernflasher - Photobucket


I have included a slideshow below of images of the resort that may help you in your planning or at least give you an idea of scale, locations and layout of the resort.

Hotel images :: DREAMS TULUM WEDDING PLANNING IMAGES slideshow by northernflasher - Photobucket


Any questions i'll be happy to help.

Happy planning I wish you all a truly wonderful day.

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