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BEACH 6.30PM: 10/10

I cannot tell you how much I loved my reception. We knew all along it was going to be informal but I never imagined we would have such an awesome time!

I knew I was going to dance barefoot all night but literally so did everyone, they all got into the spirit and for 15 of us, man did we show Dreams how to party!!!

Due to the delay with the judge we started our meal late so the mariachi and resort photographer turned up at 7.30pm as we requested but we hadnâ€t even been served our main course. The idea was that we would have finished eating and be ready to party… so we just went with the flow and left our meal to get up and dance!!! We were all up, shaking our maracas, clapping the mariachi and having photos taken it was wonderful.

The Mariachi are excellent, they were a total surprise for our guests. I would definitely recommend organising your timetable so that you donâ€t miss them. They are a definite crowd pleaser and really got the reception off to the best start. We eventually sat down for long enough to eat our main course and then I know I ate my dessert on my feet dancing to the band cos Iâ€ve seen the photos!!!




PROSCIUTTO BRUSCHETTA: 8/10 Well presented, good portion size and looked delicious.

V = MUSHROOM BRUSCHETTA: 7/10 Nice but kind of small. I ordered this but wished Iâ€d had the prosciutto one when it came



CHICKEN CAESAR: 3/10 This was weird. We had the most delicious Caesar salad on our last night but this was nothing like that! It consisted of 3 slivers of chicken and an entire head of romaine lettuce per person!! Iâ€m not joking, Iâ€ve never seen so much lettuce on one plate in my life! No croutons, no bacon, no parmesan and a tiny drizzle of dressing, Iâ€m convinced the waiter brought this out before the chef had finished!

V= RICE WITH GRILLED VEG: I was too busy looking for the rest of my chicken Caesar to see this so I canâ€t comment



SURFâ€Nâ€TURF: 9/10 Delicious, steak was amazing, shrimps were a little undercooked for my taste or I would have marked 10/10.

PORK MEDALLIONS: 9/10. These looked appetising and were apparently good

V= VEG LASAGNE: 0/10. This was awful, at first I was a bit surprised by how small the portion was but that didnâ€t matter once they tasted it cos it was disgusting. The layers were made with chewy, congealed cheese rather than pasta with very little else in it. Both our vegetarian guests tasted it and left the lot.



APPLE TART AND COCONUT ICE CREAM: 10/10 Delicious, the ice cream is to die for.


WEDDING CAKE: 10/10. This was possibly the nicest cake Iâ€ve ever had. It looked exactly as I described it and well worth the extra $50. I requested a single tier for 15 people with 15 chocolate roses on top. It fed 15 of us twice over. Our guests are still raving about it.

One tip is to tell your WC you want it delivering that night to your room or better yet, what I wish I had done is take it with us to the disco cos by midnight we were ready for another piece. We told Natalia at our meeting that we wanted it delivering, we then told her at the reception and told the waiters as we left. We didnâ€t see it again until we bumped into Natalia by chance the day after the wedding and asked why it had not been delivered. It then appeared in our room that night. Iâ€m guessing they must have stored it somewhere for us cos it was still delicious and moist, so much so that we stored it uncovered in our room fridge and took it to the world café the next night for dessert with the whole family and it was still perfect. I think if we hadnâ€t seen her we would never have seen it again, no big deal except it was so good we really wanted the rest of it! Ha Ha



The only thing I will point out here is that we never had the champagne that should have been included in the package. The only reason I can think of is that we told her at our meeting that we were not having official speeches but that didnâ€t mean to say we didnâ€t want the champagne! Come to think of it there was not even any champagne glasses set out. A few people made toasts so it would have been nice to have it but it didnâ€t occur to us till days after.



We had emailed the resort photogs in the planning stages and requested that we use their services during the reception to capture the atmosphere of the night and allow Christian to chill out and party.

Our pre arrival communication via email with Angie Anders was excellent. He was very friendly, excited that we were photographers and very accommodating to our requests.

Our photographer on the night was Teo and he didnâ€t quite know what had hit him!!! He kept saying how amazing it was, how our family are all very nice “but a little bit loco†and how nice it was for him to be able to do something a bit different and much more informal than the norm by shooting a reception in full swing. We just had fun, using our photo props and enjoying the moment. I have to say that most brides would probably be horrified at my sweaty, dishevelled appearance in these photos but they just make me smile every time I see them and in all honesty I was having the time of my life.

He knew he was up against it a little bit not only the Bride and Groom being photogs but also the grooms father, step mum and Christian! It must have been his worst nightmare but he is a great bloke, held his own and worked well.

We managed to pick our 50 shots easily and had no need to buy the extras with so many people (including the groom) taking them throughout our day.

The remainder were offered to us for an extra $450.

We were supplied with our chosen 50 images, unedited on disc and then the same 50 images as 6x8†prints. Some are cropped, black and white or sepia with a border around. These effects are applied to the prints only, your disc is unedited so all the images are supplied at full frame in colour.

The album thatâ€s included is sweet and weâ€ll probably use it for holiday snaps.

We saw him shoot several weddings during our stay and he always came over and chatted to us.

He seems to really enjoy his work, knows the hotel well enough to get the best locations and is a pleasure to be around. He seems to like to try something a bit different and in my opinion is striving to give his clients a bit more than the standard routine resort photographer style.

Wedding Reception Hotel Photog :: Northernflashers Wedding Reception at Dreams Tulum. Resort Photographer Teo. slideshow by northernflasher - Photobucket




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