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I think the chapel is beautiful and totally private I highly recommend it. The really good news is that on our last week at the resort they installed brand new air conditioning, making it more of an option in the hotter months.

Our set up included a Memorial poem and photo of my mum, Memorial candles, Sand Ceremony, Also each person had a place setting in the chapel with a personalised handkerchief, order of service, fan and maraca to shake at the kiss.

If you have very strict ideas about how you want things to look bring lots of pictures and very precise instructions. I started off being mega thorough, before we left I did mock set ups which I photographed and included these photos with detailed instructions written on the reverse and I bagged everything together, unfortunately I ran out of time towards the end and just gave her verbal instructions for some of things which didnâ€t turn out so well.

Just minor details really but David had to move some stuff around in the chapel cos he knew it wasnâ€t set up like I wanted. Some of the items from the guestâ€s seats in the chapel were missing and she set up my memorial plaque for my mum so that you couldnâ€t see the picture properly. They were also quite late setting up so when I sent my sister down 40mins before the ceremony to check out the set up and light her memorial candle for mum the chapel wasnâ€t ready.

The end of pew aisle flowers were included, I originally wasnâ€t bothered for having these because the only promotional picture Iâ€d seen of these they were big and garish but mine were discreet, matched my colours and very pretty.




They also included two small flower arrangements and tea-lights on the candelabras, which are located either side of the ceremony table in the top corners of the chapel and really add to the ambience.

We also had one small floral arrangement with a candle in the centre on the ceremony table. This was originally supposed to be our memorial candle centrepiece but there was some confusion with this. Aurora told us it was included but without candles, we brought the candles thinking they would incorporate the floral arrangement around the base but Natalia had added $65 dollars plus tax extra to our contract for this as the arrangement included in the ultimate package is much smaller and other than specifying preferred flowers and colours, cannot be changed. I think this was one of the issues that got lost in translation between Aurora and Natalia. It didnâ€t look like the one we had picked in the flower brochure which was number CP-002 and we didnâ€t care enough about it to pay the extra so we stuck with the one thatâ€s included, placed our candles around it and got the charge removed.



Had I thought to bring a copy of the Dreams flower catalogue I could have argued that the advertised arrangement was supposed to be included but I was so stressed by the details at this point that I didnâ€t want to get into it.

We left everything set up in the chapel afterwards and asked Natalia to look after it for us. It was delivered to our room a few days later in perfect condition.






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