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Review 3

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ROOM 3106: 7/10

Everything as room 4125 but this room had terrible problems with mosquitos and despite being fumigated twice by the hotel they still persisted. We couldnâ€t figure any reason why they had such an issue in this location as the majority of our party only had problems with mosquitos out and about.

The air con also flooded the room twice.


Unfortunately for my sister who is NOT an early riser the cleaner always insisted on coming really early every day and because they didnâ€t have a privacy button would knock on the door until they opened up!


ROOM 1107: 7/10

Everything as room 4125 except they had to request a hammock several times.

The coffee machine was also broken and after asking reception several times they borrowed the one from my dads room as he doesnâ€t drink coffee.

This was also one of the makeshift twin bedrooms so as it was originally set up for 2 people they had to request everything for three, towels, robes, coffee cups, etc.

They squeezed the single bed into the gap between the king and the wall which made it mega cosy at bedtime and meant that they could only use one side of the king to get in and out but they really wanted to keep the free space by the sofa and patio doors.

I didnâ€t see this room until the last day but in hindsight if I were them I would probably have asked to see a “downgraded twin room†because I really donâ€t think thereâ€s such a thing as a bad room at Dreams and I think they would have been much more comfortable in a room designed for three.





Everything as room 4125 except itâ€s on the 1st floor. This was also a makeshift twin bedroom but as they are aunt and nephew they kept the single bed pushed up against the sofa so they could access their balcony but not use the seating area. It also meant that the nephew couldnâ€t watch TV unless he sat on his auntâ€s bed. Again I think they would have been more comfortable in a room designed for twins.

This photo was taken kneeling on the makeshift single bed.




I suppose in hindsight we could have got Natalia our WC involved but everyone was so tired the night we arrived and none of them made a big issue of it to me throughout the holiday so I assumed they were comfortable. It was only when I saw these rooms on the last day that I felt bad and wished Iâ€d been firmer at reception and demanded they sort out a better alternative. In view of the fact that we all paid a lot of money for the same grade accomodation I think Dreams should have done better.



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