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What a Saturday!

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Today my H2B ran around town! We leave in one week for our trip. Although we are so excited we had lots to do. Here is what we were up to today:


I started my day at 6AM, feeding/walking our two puppies. I ran on the treadmill, although I am at my goal weight, I need to keep it there :)

At 9:30 we departed the house to go...

  1. Old Navy, a few spring clothes, khakis, t-shirts
  2. REI, European electrical adapters, travel laundry soap, laptop bag, odds & ends.
  3. Hugo Boss, pick up H2B's suit from their tailor
  4. Mall, shoes for H2B
  5. Walmart, travel bottles for shampoo, and other travel odds & ends
It seemed like more when we were running around..maybe because we were in NOVA traffic. We also put out all of our clothes and stuff we need on the guest bedroom bed. We are ready!


Earlier this week I did some ordering on Etsy. I ordered a wonderful Blue necklace for my MOH and the Alana necklace for me to wear. They should go in the mail this week...I hope they get here in time. Yikes, I cut this really close. I am having the MOH's necklace drop shipped to her house. She is leaving later than I am so there is a better chance of her getting it than me.


I also ordered a new purse to tour Italy..so excited. It should arrive at the house by Wednesday..just in time.


Friday, I went to Sephora for makeup...what an experience...not great. First I have to preface this by saying, I am fair, blond, blue-eyed....I do not wear make up well. I tend to feel/look like a bit of a clown or tart in heavy make up. They put me in some aweful make up. ...heavy dark eyeshadow. I ended up not getting shadow but I did find some great foundation. I got Smashbox Hi-def foundation travel kit in fair.


Well let me tell you about that. I felt pressured at Sephora to buy the brush, full size foundation, basically the whole line....I bought it and felt so bad about it..I went to the other Sephora on my way home. I know I am a chicken. They were nicer there. They traded what I bought for the travel kit...since I am fine with my Bare Minerals for daily use. This is only for our big day.


For my eyes, I want them to stand out but not trampy looking. I called my mom and she has some great purples and grays that she can help me create a good smokey, sexy look without feeling like a clown. I am so glad my mom is on my side on this and can help. I think it will be a great mother-daughter time for us.


The week ahead is going to be full too. I have to take two final exams, get my hair brightened, eyebrows plucked, facial (maybe), do laundry, clean house and pack.

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First, best wishes and waiting to hear the stories and read your review when you return.


As I was reading your Sephora experience I just shook my head thinking why and when. Why do they think presuring you will increase sales. And When will they realize the better they understand the better they apply your make-up by understanding your complexion etc. the more you will buy!


Okay, now that I am off my chatterbox. Back to the important part....your wedding day!!

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