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The past two weeks have been rough. My job is demanding and I am in grad school.


In spite of it all, we finally made it to our Italian Embassy appointment for our Atto Notorio. I am relieved to say, "its done!". It was also very exciting to be there and walk away with a certified document saying we could proceed with our wedding. ...Ahhh...wait there's more...


I wanted to send out a pre-travel package. The "brochure" part of it is almost complete. I just need to get my rear to Micheal's for picture frames...that was going to be our gift to our guests. I couldn't think of anything else. I know, its sad.


I am hoping to get it done and in the mail by next week. I am also going to print and send the soup can Italian phrase books.


Anyway, this weekend, my mom and I are making our invitations to our AHR which is in June. I am nervous about my DIY projects since we leave 2 May for Italy and that is less than 2 months away!


To top it all off, I am gaining weight. I have been working my butt off in the gym, eating well, drinking water and have been seeing slow results. I admit I only want to lose 5 pounds. But why are the last 5-10 so hard!?!


I am trying not to stress about it and keep going. Keep eating well and keep working out. I am sure at this point, I am just picking on myself unnecessarily. ...ahhhh, I hope that is it. I think like so many other brides, I worry that I won't look good or feel good, etc. And I worry about my DIY projects that I love doing and I know people enjoy.


Oh well, at least my Atto Notorio is done :)

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Yes, you are being hard on yourself about the 5 lbs. You will loose those pounds!!


I ABSOLUTELY love the booklet!! I just printed one in Spanish. Oh this was a real gem to add to my list. Not sure if I will do pre-travel package or welcome bags. Nonetheless...they are on my list!!! :-)

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