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2.5 Months, the nightmares begin

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Nightmares? Is there drama with the dress, hair, planning? Nope, literally, nightmares!


I got my first wedding nightmare last night.


I dreamed my wedding band was ugly, not what I asked the jeweler to make and chevron (triangle) shaped. FYI, I am having a ring made that is "married" to my engagement ring. Also, there weren't any diamonds on it like I asked for and my mom had given me some...so I stood there wondering where my grandmother's diamonds were. I didn't know what to be more upset about...the missing heirlooms or the hideous ring.


Also, my dad ran away from me and refused to attend or walk me down the aisle with my step-dad....this is totally unlike my dad or step-dad, they actually get along in real life.


With a crazy dream like this only 2.5 months away from our wedding, what will happen next? Will they continue and will they get worse?


Stay tuned....

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