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Make up and hair

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In my opinion the dress is one part of the look but you have to add in make up and hair that will make the look/day. I, like many brides, want to look like a million bucks on my wedding day. I do not want to look like "every day me" but " classic, fancy, beautiful me".


First, I have dirty blond hair (which I'll highlight to add depth), blue eyes and porcelain skin. That's a nice way of saying pale with rosy cheeks. I do tan a bit but I've avoided tanning beds and over exposure to the sun over the last few years. I will, however, be going to the tanning bad to get a glow before heading off to Italy. I am only doing this to get a little color so I will not burn when we get to Italy and are in the sun everyday. I will continue to wear my 30 spf sunscreen and sunglasses.


Anyway, here are my hair and make up inspirations. I like pink and mauve lip colors and I want to make my blue eyes pop, going to do a smoky eye. Since I know only how to do my "everyday" make up, I will be going to Sephora in April to get a lesson, application and buy the goods. I will of course practice and post trial pics.


I am not doing my own hair, I booked an appointment for that at a local salon. I am excited about that because it is only a block from my hotel. Please keep in mind, I am not staying at a resort. There seems to be more resort weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean.


Hair from the knot.com



make up, I'll do a more pink lip color but love the eyes




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