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M.I.A... So much going on.

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    Posted 28 October 2009 - 08:33 AM

    So im back, not that I've been anywhere just not really had the time or opportunity for my favourite past time of forum surfing... bummer!

    So we're past the 5 months mark and I still dont have a dress.. yet!
    I got sorted with my magic undies which are comfortable and very effective which is a combination I never imagined I would find! ha ha

    Although I have discussed a dress design with a dressmaker as I still haven't had my measurements done I saw a nice dress from Marks and Spencer online which I thought I could use as the basis for my dress and have my dressmaker do some alterations, basically I loved the dress when it came but didnt like the fabric so I returned it only to have a major hassle with the company who refused to refund it cos the security tag had not been attatched to it prior to dispatch! Anyway after a strongly worded letter and a long wait they refunded yesterday.. Hurrah! Im now forming the basis of the top half as the design for mine but still waiting to schedule in for my measurements.

    We are also now learning to scuba dive in time for our wedding, not bad considering I only learned to swim 2 years ago and had been petrified of water most my life! Im finding it harder to master the skills than I thought I would and was really panicky on our first lesson but definately getting better and starting to enjoy it. Not looking forward to the open water dives in a quarry, in the UK, in winter but there you go...

    Still no joy in hearing from our travel agent regards my complaints letter, I have passed the matter onto ABTA but not holding my breath for a favourable outcome.

    Fi and his dad have had major fallings out over money which has put a massive dampener on everything that im just trying to ignore.. the whole thing started over a disagreement about money and descended (on his dads part) into hurtful, longstanding issues which really had nothing to do with anything, least of all his sons wedding! They have made up now but I know Fi is still really hurt by a lot of things that were said and is consciously aware of not ever asking his dad for anything again in order to avoid it being thrown back in his face!

    Whoever said that a DW would be cheaper and less stressful lied.....
    Michelle X

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