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Weight loss and motivation

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Well I have begun my journey, with its goal not only being numbers but also a feeling.


I want to feel fit again. I want to pick up a pair of rollerblades and just go for a bit. Hop on my bike and ride. Go for a paddle on the lake. Etc...


I always worried if I'll get tired. I have to account for the fact that I always believe I can go farther than I actually can.


But enough moaning. So far lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks, not stellar but hella lot better than gaining. Also lost 3 inches from my waist.


I have more energy, most of the time. :)


Even my Fi has noticed it.


I'm happy this seems to be something I can do.


I go to the gym MWF and I go to 2 aqua classes. One 45min the other 30min. I am trying to add the TTH 30 mn classes in but I have a hard time killing time until noon, but still having time to get there(or remembering it).


Tonight I think I will try the dance aerobic class at the gym.


Wish me luck.

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