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AHR Venue

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I think we have found our venue for the AHR!

We were looking for a place that was nice and classy yet gave us plenty of options for decorating . There are so many nice venues here for receptions but alot of them are super fancy and can't really pull off the luau theme like we want.


The place we are looking at is absolutlely gorgeous(and the owner are very sweet) but you can still dress it up how you'd like w/o it clashing like the others. For example, I really don't care to have a big elegant chandelier in the middle of a luau. IDK, just seems weird to me. It also has a big outdoor area with a gazebo and a pool. That would be good for the fire dancers as that's the only thing we would have no choice but to have outside.


Anyways, I have been debating on whether we should book it now or not. I would like to but I'm afraid it may be too early(January 2011) and I'll end up finding some other place I like better, just as nice but cheaper, etc. I just really don't want to end up breaking the contract just because I can't make up my mind. blush2.gif I would have no problem cancelling it either cause I'm stubborn lol. However, that's just wasting money we could use for something else.


Hmm...I suppose I could just refrain from looking at reception venues but I highly doubt I could resist the urge. Plus, I think it's smart to keep looking cause this place might not be 1 in a million as I thought(although I'm pretty confident that it is :P) or maybe something new will open up.


I think I'm going wait a month...or two and look around some more and then book it. FI is saying that we should just go ahead and do it now of course. It would save him from having to deal with more of my stressing. smile124.gif


Time will tell...


Edit: Okay, the AHR is going to be postponed a bit, I think. I had been worrying about the weather here in January and it's best to just do it in a warmer month. I'm gonna discuss it some more with FI but it's most likely going to be in March now. If that does happen then this venue is most likely not going to be used cause we could just do it at an outdoor venue. Ugh! I really need to quick thinking and go to bed.smile105.gif

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