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So I'm Planning a DW . . .

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    Posted 21 August 2009 - 09:40 AM

    Well here goes,

    I need some where to store my thoughts, so I figured this would be a good spot.

    So right now we are just over 2 years out. Most people we would be inviting already know we are doing a DW and other than a few quiet conversations about finances (mostly from my student buddies) it’s going over rather well.
    We are pitching it to our friends as a vacation where we get married.

    Even my FMIL seems ok with it. This scares me.

    She's been know to love an idea one minute then abhor it the next. Ah well as long as FI is the one dealing with her on this. We have already decided we are doing this regardless of whether or not people think we should.

    So even if she freaks and tries to hold her attendance over our heads as a bargaining point we will simply say,
    ‘We will miss your presence but we will happily meet up with you after our return to show you photos’.

    Thankfully (sorta), we are financing it. So no $$$ controls from other ppl.
    Costa Rica
    Nov 5th (ish) 2011
    How many:
    8-30 people (10 - 16 being what were expecting)
    No Freaking Clue
    We think we know what we want, I think... lol

    What we want
    1. A very dramatic location for the ceremony (jungle, waterfall, volcano, cliffs etc)
    2. Under $2000/person including airfare
    3. Time spent exploring the country as a group
    4. Some time spent at an AI (perhaps before we leave for home to get that papered vacation feeling)
    5. Reception somewhere nice, but doesn't have to be day of
    6. Live music, something with a jazzy feel to it but local as well
    7. An Awesome Photographer (we want full rights to our pictures)
    8. Excellent food

    What we don't want
    1. Beach ceremony (They are beautiful but thats not why I chose Costa Rica)
    2. To spend the entire trip on an AI resort (way too much to see and do)
    3. To use a resort photographer that will only give you 20 pictures
    4. To have to pay a fortune for our daily meals (might be a little much for most of our guests' budgets)
    5. To miss the beauty and biodiversity of Costa Rica

    How I think we're going to pull it off (yeah right LOL)
    1. Read BDW often (The tips and advice so far have been amazing)
    2. Hunt down a TA who knows Costa Rica and DWs
    3. Find a WC who (hopefully) doesn't think I'm crazy
    4. Involve my FI, but give him an out if it gets too much (I get kind of research intensive, then tell him everything I found. aka Info overload)
    5. Find out how adventurous my guests are willing to be
    6. Always keep the cost to my guests at the fore front
    7. Budget budget budget

    Current crazy idea:
    1. Arrive in CR, spend 1-2 days at an AI,
    2. Go for one of those 2-3 day tours(one that includes meals, transport, and lodgings)
    3. Spend last 2-3 at same or different AI
    * wedding ceremony somewhere in there and reception at the AI
    List can be shuffled.

    Could do the tour first, then chill at the AI

    Chill at the AI first then tour . . .

    Make the tour optional but then the ceremony wouldn't be available to those not on the tour

    Can the tour groups even arrange for a ceremony on route outside?

    Do I want to lug my dress around?

    Do I give the ceremony its own 'day trip to somewhere cool day'?

    1. Arrive in CR, Go to AI
    2. Go on outing to a nice locale, have ceremony
    3. Go back to AI, celebrate that night or next day
    4. Go on 2-3 day tour
    5. finish at an AI for 2 nights

    Another idea some of the tour stop at places like 'best western' and such, they could steam my dress maybe . . hmmm

    how would I get a officiant out there? Would it be different than any other ruralish wedding?

    and this is why I need a TA and/or a WC lol

    LOL this is why my FI laughs at me, I do this out loud most of the time

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