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74 days until our wedding!

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    Posted 25 May 2009 - 04:28 PM

    I've decided to start blogging for my last 74 days in hopes that it may help me get stuff done and also vent cause I'm going to start stressing and sweating the small stuff as the day gets closer!

    the last few days have been really great! this family is pretty drama free, except when it comes to FSIL. She's pretty high maintenance and in her mind everything should go how she wants it. How do we all know these kinds of people? Anyways she has hated the idea of Akumal to begin with. She told us to let her know if there was anything she could do right away and I asked her if she'd be a BM. She said ya, but seems to forget the conversation and later made drama about how she never received a formal invite to be a BM. So, I made her a a special invite and of course she accepted, again! then I asked her if sh'ed kinda be an honorary MOH. My lil sis is my MOH and she's really shy doesn't like hosting (showers) and she's pregnant. My other BM's are all FSILs, but one lives 3 hours away, and the other is in the marines. And Staci (drama girl) is very creative so she said she would handle my shower and any projects I needed.

    Well she isn't even sure if she's coming, cause they can't afford it. her husband, Joes older bro, is for sure coming but she had to buy 2 new carseats (total $600) and now can't afford to come. then how the hell are you supposed to be a BM?! Well we've been struggling w/ BM dresses so this weekend i flat out told her "we're 2 months out I don't even know if you're coming. You tell me you can't afford to come, but then you make comments about how you wish we were having it sooner cause you need a vacay. I'm trying to get all BM and GM stuff together and don't know if you're coming, not coming, if you want to be a BM or not please give me some kind of answer or idea w/ whats up." She replied "you can count me out. Sean hasn't told me if we can afford for me to go" Well, I was kind of happy. She's really all drama, no one is better than her and I feared she might take away from my day, especially while I'm trying to get ready w/ my girls. But, I was kinda upset cause she BOLD FACED LIED to me. Sean has no idea how much money they have, she doesn't let him spend any, and we all know this so I don't know why she said that.

    Well the next day I went to tj maxx looking for a new garlic press (no luck) but I found 2 maxi dresses i LOVE for our BMs! One is half thai and doesn't really look well in pink or blue, our colors, so she was wanting green which is our accent color. I was struggling w/ finding multiple green dresses I really liked and I wanted all of them to be a little different if in the same color. My sis will be in pink, but these dresses are the same but one is our blue and the other is our green accent and they were $20 each. SOLD!

    I have a huge list of things I need to do. I will post it later and my progress in the next 74 days!

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