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Whats wrong with me?

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I had some bloods done three weeks ago as i keep getting an upset tummy.I also did a stool sample which has come back clear.The last two months i have been really tired.I also have the merina coil and saw a very lite period in august and again last thur this is just strange it does not normally happen.I arrive at work on friday pop my lunch in the fridge and go to walk out of the office and go all weired.I end up in the emergency room with my blood pressure at 77/55.An hour later its normal and my urine is tested.The results show its clear.Im free to go but the dr suggests i go home.Back in the office i go all weired again and the girls ring Paul to collect me.As i am walking with a co worker to get my bag the dr comes to find me and says dont worry but your urine showed your pregnancy hormone is raised wtf.gif.get another test done in a couple of days im 42 errrrrr.Of course im at the chemist and the test shows neg last nite and this morning.How can i be pregnant and be having a lite period and the merina coil.Ihave made an appointment for today and am hoping my bloods can give me some answers.Do you girls know if your thyroid can mess with all this stuff.IM NERVOUS AT WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY BODY.

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