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Ben and I are pretty laid-back people, and it was a pretty easy decision to eschew tradition and get married in Jamaica. Although Jamaica is appealing to most people because of the abundance of all-inclusives, that was not the route I wanted to take. Neither of us like crowds, children, or the common route, which is why we decided to go with the Negril Escape Resort and Spa. We liked the cliffs (too dangerous to bring the kiddies), we liked that it was away from the beach (and subsequent crowds), and we liked that it was a bit more unusual and off the beaten path. Some might say that the resort rooms seem 2-star-ish, but I'm not bothered. I feel that our guests will be there to celebrate with us, and will spend a minimal amount of time in the rooms. I didn't feel pressured like I did with some of the other hotels/resorts to book a certain percentage of the room, and the contact at the resort has been very friendly and prompt.


Here are some pics of Negril Escape:








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