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He passed away :(

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So my bf's father passed away 2 nights ago.

I went over yesterday with my other friend to bf's brother's home where the whole family was gathered to drop off some food. She didn't want to see us, but she ended up being there anyway (she'd been out getting errands and wanted us to get there before she got back)... anyway, she was there and so we got to hug her a lot and cry with her.

It was so sad.

He was a real character. We grew up together, so I knew him quite well. We'll have great stories to remember him by together, but it's just such a shock.

My bf is the baby of her family, but we're only 31 and her dad's now gone.


I'm ok when I think of it as an older person passing away like my grandmother who died last October, but when I think of him and how he's really gone, it's hard to deal.


This week is going to be difficult.

Work is hell and I've been having headaches every day and now on top of that bf is still in town and ther'ell be a graveside service and an open house at their home to attend. And I'd like to spend some time with her too.


It's so sad... sad.gif

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