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It's funny that I keep using this blog to bitch... oh well. :)


I got bad news a few days ago - my dad called to tell me that one of my bf's who lives out west - her father has leukemia and was rushed to the hospital. He said not to say anything to her, because he didn't know if she knew how bad it was... well, she flew out here last night (5hr flight), so obviously she knows.

She's in town, but i haven't seen her yet and me and 2 other close friends we feel so helpless.


From what I gather, he got the Leukemia from all of his treatments in the past - he'd had cancer about 3 times since 1980 and beaten it (or gone into remission) each time.

Well, it really sounds like this is it and it's happened so fast.


My dad told me on Monday, on Wed she texted to say she was rushing home. Now we're Friday and I know she and her family are at the hospital with him, keeping him "comfortable".

I sent a nice bouquet today from the three of us (three friends) to her family in the hospital.


I feel sick to my stomach for her. I watched my Grandmother die last October and it was so sad and aweful. But I know I was really happy I could be there for my mom and to say goodbye, so I'm glad she made it here in time for that. And who knows how long he'll hang on. It's crappy. He's in his 70s and we're only 31. sad.gif


Also, at work it's been a nightmare this week. My deadlines have been completely unrealistic and almost impossible to make all week long and the managers I am producing stuff for (for their meetings with high-powered donors) don't seem to get how there's only one of me.

So it's been unbelieably stressful. I've worked about 55 hrs this week. I hate overtime.

The plus is that I have a lot of time banked but I am so exhausted.


And on top of all this, tomorrow morning I"m doing a sale from 7am to 2pm and then having dinner with FI's grandmother and parents...

No time to myself. And if my friend calls I'll be right there for her too.


I need to have a massage. I'm way too stressed...

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