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townie princess

Today is my 20th Canada Day

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I know, Canada Day isn't celebrated until July 1. But today, August 19, is the day when I moved to Canada with my family and I always have my own private personal Canada Day celebration to recognize this day.


This year is the 20th anniversary of my Canada Day. FI doesn't fully appreciate what it means to be Canadian, being born and raised here and not having much relations outside of here, and didn't know until recently that I have my own special celebration on this day.


So this year, we're going to pack a picnic and head to a beach out of town (which is hard to come by in the middle of the prairies) and enjoy the sunshine and the swimming and have a great day of it. Hey, maybe the British accent will come back by the end of the day (ha, I doubt it!)


Twenty years, holy crap time goes by fast when you're not watching. Things sure have changed since 1988. Hopefully FI and I will go over in the next year or two to see the changes for ourselves (maybe for my next Canada Day).

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