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One of the first things I did after I chose my location and my date, was to start thinking about photographers. I knew it was something I was willing to spend more on, because once the day is over, I want great pics to frame, share, love...


I got a few price quotes from Jamaica-based photographers, which ran the gamut...


My favorite was the most expensive, charging approximately $2400 for 4 hours.


Went back to the web and started searching, and found my photog who is based in Northwest Indiana... she was doing her very first destination wedding photography giveaway. You had to answer a few questions and tell her why you wanted her to photograph your wedding and she would select a winner... and I won!


Although I am responsible for airfare and 3 nights hotel, it stilll works out cheaper than hiring one of my original picks.


PLUS, she's giving us a lot for our money.


So far we've already had a complimentary engagement shoot, which turned out beautifully..





She's also said she'll do a day-after shoot for us as well. I can't wait! pinkie.gif

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AWESOME!!! Gorgeous photo too. Congrats on winning.


Your photog was VERY smart to pic a BDW bride- especially if she wants to start DW. I bet she will do a lot to go above and beyond to get your word out there. :)

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