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Sometimes that man makes me want to scream

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So, I am getting ready to leave the office & go to the gym. FI calls me and asks when I'm coming home (he works a 2nd job at night....trying to get into job #2 full time). "After the gym" I say to which I receive a disappointed "oh". When I ask "why" I am told that, in his attempt to install new light fixtures that he got from work (for free...he was very excited about this) he "burnt" the drywall a bit. huh02.gif Now ladies, he's not an electrician, but knows enough. But this is so frustrating, because now if I go to the gym, I'll worry the entire time. Why couldn't he just wait until the weekend instead of trying to do a home project in 2 hours! girl_werewolf.gif Christ! Now I'm annoyed!



UPDATE It's been 24 hours, I've calmed down & the lights are finally working (& not sparking or blowing fuses anymore). It looks very cool & the counter is clean again. Crisis over. cheesy.gif

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