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Original post 01/09/08

Oh, where to start? I'm not 100% sure but I love scouring magazines and design books for inspiration. I've actually found some of my ideas in the most unexpected places. And, needless to say, I have very much to do and very little time to do it in (according to the official rules of wedding planning). Am I worried? Not in the least! I eat time lines like this for breakfast! I work in retail for Christ's sake. This wedding planning got nothin' on me! What! What! So, where you ask am I finding such wonderful nuggets of decor galore? Read on and ye shall see:

Michelle Rago Ltd., based out of NYC she and her team create dream weddings and floral decor to rival Mother Earth herself. Best of all, she recently published Signature Weddings: Creating a Day Uniquely Your Own. Available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Book Sense it makes a perfect Christmas slash "I know you are busy planning our wedding and need a thoughtful present", type of gift. I've also perused the website of Ceci New York. Hmm...is there a theme developing? Not really it's just a coincidence but great all the same. Ceci New York specializes is custom designed wedding invitations. I mean pie in the sky, money is no object invites. Check them out, their work speaks for itself. If you're budget conscious like I am, visit their retail site ShopCeci.com for personalized stationary, thank you cards and notes. Ok, just two more! Domino Magazine and Blueprint Magazine, both rags are stylish, modern, offer amazing home decor, fashion and style advice. But, each has fabu ideas on party planning. Most recently in their November and December issues they cover this very topic form A to Z (primarily for the holidays) but ideas are so unexpected you can easily draw inspiration for your day!


Michelle Rago's beautiful book. Great inspiration!



Invitations designs from Ceci New York







Images courtesy of Michelle Rago and Ceci New York

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