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Becky's Planning Bio - Boarding Pass Invites

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After seeing everyone's wonderful BP invites... I decided to jump on the trend and make our own. I am totally not a DIY type person, so am really happy with how they turned out.


Thanks to everyone who shared their templates, experiences and tips! You made this a really easy and fun project.


And here are our BP invites:










Although they did take some time to cute out and assemble... in general they were really easy to do! And also very budget friendly!


We printed the passes at home on white cardstock bought in bulk at Office Max ($8.99 for like 200...still plenty left over). I printed enough for 50 invites at 4 pages each and didn't even use one full ink cartridge.


We then used a paper cutter ($9.99) to cut the lines straight and a corner cutter ($2.99) to give the nice rounded look. Then we used little hair cutting scissors to cut out the small 'v'. This whole process was a bit of a pain... but recruit a bunch of people, sit in front of the t.v. and pour some drinks and it really isn't that bad.


Then we used a basic hole punch ($1.99) and used ribbon to attach the 4 boarding passes together.


The pocketfolders were made using colored cardstock from a local scrapbook store ($.39/sheet). I folded it into 3's on my own using a rule (huge PIA) and now have learned you can purchase a tool at Michaels to make the creases nice. I also used the corner punches on all of the corners and then the palm tree punch I purchased at Michael's ($11.99). I slit off one of the corners with the paper cutter so the pass would be visible and then used double stick tape on the opposite edge so they wouldn't slide out.


I had issues finding a colored envelope I liked and didn't feel like waiting and ordering online. We ended up finding these at Office Max for pretty cheap and then printed addresses using our home printer because my handwriting is horrible. We then attached the palm tree punch out from the pocketfold to the envelope with spray adhesive to add some color and tropical feel.


We are so very happy to announce that they are now all finished and in the mail!!! What a great feeling. When FI went to the post office the first time, the man said it would cost an extra $0.20 due to the knot in the ribbon and sadly there was no pretty stamps in that price. When I went back a few days later to just buy the regular stamps the guy said I didn't need to pay anything extra! Just the regular $0.42 which was awesome.


One of our classmates already emailed me and said she got in the mail. She is helping her sister plan a DW wedding and asked where I ordered them from because she might want to "borrow" the idea. Her and her husband couldn't believe it when I told them we made them ourselves. : )


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