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Happy Mother's Day!

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Even though she doesn't see this site I want to wish my Mommy a WONDERFUL & Happy Mother's Day!! She is an amazing woman, who doesn't always get the thanks that she deserves!! Here is a picture of her & my sister at a wedding 2 years ago. You're beautiful - Love you Mom!!!




Also a Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's & Mom's-to-be out there too!



Biggest Loser Info for Today:


So my eating wasn't overly great, but also wasn't horrible. Had a couple cups of coffee, skipped lunch because I was way too busy & didn't eat the steak we bbqd for dinner. On the plus side, I drank a few bottles of water, had a bunch of fruit & veggies and didn't pig out at any time!


I also walked around Gilles Lake this afternoon ( a lake here in town) It's 2.3 kms around & I wanted to do a second lap, but to be honest I was too warm. I didn't expect how nice it was outside & was roasting in my sweatshirt! We never go to the gym on the weekends so I feel I need to step-up extras on Saturday & Sunday! A friend mentioned walking to the lake, so I'm going to suggest that we get together one night a week & walk her 2 dogs around the lake together! She has a stressful life (owner of a local garden centre) & I could use the companionship for walking so it's going to be win-win! I can't wait! PLUS there's a Tim Hortons right around the corner from the lake so we can treat ourselves to a nice cup of tea if we want to afterwards. I'm pretty excited! Most of my friends are too busy to do anything with so I'm super stoked!!!


I'm thinking of trying on some of my clothes that are a little tight right now so help motivate me too. I think that seeing how close I am to fitting in them, it'll make me work harder to push myself to fit into them sooner! :) I'll spare anybody the bikini pics for now, but I did buy 2 bathing suits recently that I am hoping to fit better into them by the end of this!

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