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Chasing my own tail Candy buffet style

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I feel like a dumb dog chasing it's tail when I try to sit and get my last minute wedding stuff done.

Before I work on project "a" I have to get the last party of project "b" done and before I can get the last part of "b" done I need to go to Michaels/Target/grocery store. Once I realize I need to go to a store it is like midnight so I have to wait until the next morning. I wait, get up and try to start project "a" again and before I do that I have to get the last part of project "b" done....


Here is what I am currently "working" on



set the whole thing up last night (yah I am a party animal)



we are renting container so ignore the bags sitting on top of bowls. I am going to put more stuff on the actual table like candles (battery ones cant have real) and puff up the table decor.

note the cat starving for attention staring out window.




See my issue? I swear I am pretty well organized I just can't get these last few things done. Maybe I really don't want to because than all the fun stuff is done. I love creating stuff and I am going to go into some sort of crafting coma after the wedding. No joke- the second I found out my sister bought a house I starting thinking of how I could make her new home announcements with her address. Thank God she isn't crafty so she is letting me do them.

Ok off, to Michaels, Target, or whatever!smile124.gif

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that all looks so good! I am craving candy now :)

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I think the hard part about projects is that it's so fun and exciting to start them. Then it becomes tedious and boring to finish them!


Candy buffet looks great. I love the signs- so cute. YUM!

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