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Veil(s) ... yes, plural.

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Originally I was a veil hater. Every shop I went to for a dress, they put icky scratchy veils on me that totally creeped me out. But then...


I fell in love with AnnR's veil from Occansey Designs (www.obridal.com) and ordered one identical to hers, except that it is 36 inches instead of 52. I ordered mine with ivory pencil edging (Ann had silver)and alternating Swarovski crystals and 4 mm pearls. Here are some photos of Ann's -- I will post my own when it comes.




Then I got worried that in case it was too busy for my dress with the lace/beading on the boddice, maybe I should order another veil that is a little more plain. So I ordered one that basically looks like this - will post my own photo when it arrives:



I wasnt sure how to really transport/preserve my veil so I just bought a $10 veil bag from Occansey. Kathy is amazing to work with, so friendly and quick to answer questions.

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I bought a veil (well two-ha!) from there. Mine was 60" in shimmer ivory with scattered sead beads. I loved it and it wasn't too poofy. Travelling with the veil was easy- travelling with the dress was PIA.


I had one of those hangers that have both the hanger part to hang up a shirt and the clip part for pants. I hung the dress on it and clipped the veil clip with the clip part. So easy to carry.


When you get there, be sure to remove your veil from the bag and let it hang freely. The wrinkles smooth right out. Can't wait to see which one you choose!

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