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Wedding in Mexico

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Hello to all the destination brides out there! :)


My name is Stephanie and I found this destination wedding forum in hopes of getting suggestions for finding the perfect Resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico for a March 2009 Wedding!


Initially, my finance and I had our hearts set on the El Dorado Royale, but as we began budgeting the dinner after our wedding ceremony, the reception on the beach, photographer, wedding cake, etc. It started to become just as expensive as a wedding in our home town!


We are still leaving El Dorado Royale on the table, but are trying to research other resorts before making our final decision.. We've found this to be difficult with the contradicting opinions of family, friends, and internet blogs. Our travel agent also seems partial to particular resorts that don't appear to be all that great by looking at the pictures on their website (The Iberostar Resorts) -


So any tips, hints, or advice from brides out there, we would much appreciate any input you have!


Thank you in advance... I hope to hear from you soon!! :)


Steph (The Bride)

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