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Planning Part 2

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So its been about a week since I last posted and quite a few things have happened.


1st Michael and I started our Marriage Prep classes at the Cathedral, and they were nothing like I'd imagined! It ended up being such a nice experience. We are in a class with 38 other couples (lots of people getting married it seems) and there were older couples that had been married for 40+ years that came in and talked to us about their experiences. The whole thing is geared at getting us to communicate with one another and to focus on the relationship and less on the wedding prep. All in all it was really nice and we're actually looking forward to going back again this week.


2nd We signed the contracts with both Maye Cortinas and Juan Carlos, and sent them the deposits. So that's another 2 things crossed off. Most of the big things are out of the way and that's super exciting.


3rd, 24 of our guests flying with Sunquest booked with our Travel Agent already. Our family members and some of the most important friends are all set, the rest will book in the fall with the land only rate. All in all I think we'll probably have close to 40 people at the wedding.


4th, we started looking around for invitations. Michael and I really love one design but the problem is that it only comes in aqua blue and brown so that's kind of crappy. We decided to try to make our own in our wedding colors (light pink, gold, kiwi and cream). Michael really wants modern invitations so I think this is the best compromise. He's done a ton of print work before and since he has all the proper computer programs and vendors etc... we figured we might as well try. This way he will get modern mixed in with a bit of romance. Here is the one that we love, and we're using as inspirationfor the DIY project:




Lastly, we started shopping around for cakes. We have contacted two of the girls recommended on this site, Deena Abadiano and Jennifer Hutton. Both seem amazing, but Deena really stood out for me. Her website is incredible, and she's so sweet to talk to. Here are the 3 different cakes we're debating on (I'm gravitating towards two and three):







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