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Newbie Blogger! engaged life.

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Lets see how this goes....

I haven't blogged before, but i guess everyone has to start somewhere! This site has been extremely addicting...and so very helpful. My Fiance and I just recently got engaged over Thanksgiving weekend. He surprised me, took me to Paris and proposed at the Eiffel Tower. It was pretty amazing how it all happened. I will save that for another blog. Write now we are trying to figure out what location we want to use in Cabo. Hopefully within this month we will be taking a trip to go see everything. I just want to get everything settled already! I have my dress...which worries me a little, not having the location, but I LOVE it, so it doesn't matter where we get married as long as i have 'the' dress on, I will be happy.

I will keep posting as it unfolds.woot.gif

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