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4 months, 3 weeks

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time is going by so fast! i can hardly believe we have less than 5 months. and time is going to go by even faster since fi is the best man in a wedding in may, and i'm a bm in june... we'll be focusing so much time on other people's weddings and all of the sudden ours will be here.


most of the planning i've done recently has focused on attire.



my dress.. ok i bought this a while ago but i tried it on again today and i'm still in love



just bought my shoes... $35 from www.6pm.com



just bought my hair flower, but mine is orange



here's my welcome party dress.. it's a calvin klein (just like my wedding dress, i'm obsessed) eyelet dress with little pockets on the side



next on the attire list.. spanx, makeup, and welcome party sandals

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